About Us

About TSO Logistics


Founded in 2015, TSO Logistics business has grown into one of the top logistics companies in Russia and CIS countries, providing freight shipping services on a global scale. Due to our extensive nationwide presence and experience, we are positioned the first logistics company in Russia to provide the optimum solutions for any of your logistics needs, no matter how extensive, with the best customer service you’ll ever see in this competitive industry.

In the fast-paced and overwhelming world of logistics, you need a partner who is flexible and poised to support your constantly evolving needs. In such a fragmented market and complicated business environment, TSO Logistics is always here to serve you go further and smoother in your work. With a great number of offices in Russia, handpicked road carriers and many reliable partners across the globe, TSO Logistics offers you the best local market knowledge plus a national network of support.

When asked how we have managed to grow so rapidly within a short time of period since foundation, the answer is always: building on our handpicked staff of highly qualified calibers who have created a unique spirit and enviable culture of teamwork, cooperation, and empowerment. Really, we would be nothing without such distinguished team, so we all the time take immense pride in the strengths and successes those calibers bring to our organization through the crafted freight solutions they are able to offer for our customers.

Over more than a decade, TSO Logistics has developed strong partnerships across the globe, counting some of the most experienced and established international freight companies as our partners. We are able to offer deliveries to all the major destinations on a daily basis.

We have the pleasure to introduce our company, TSO Logistics for logistics a new office recently established in Russia for freight forwarding & logistics Group.

We have an extensive network of partners worldwide, who help us to serve our customers. We are committed to delight you with our service. We will always work hard to create a relationship with all our customers and partners that is long term and not transaction in nature.

Values & Ethics

  • We are an organization that believes in itself
  • We are extremely appreciative of the immense contribution of our customers, partners, and employees towards our growth
  • We maintain utmost transparency in all our transactions with our customers and partners
  • We work as your partner and not as your handling agent. We treat your business as our business
  • We strive to engage in long term and mutually beneficial relationships which are not transaction in nature


We are an integrated logistics service provider displaying total commitment to:

  • Our customers
  • Quality
  • Innovation
  • Cost effectiveness
  • The society in which we operate


Business is not just about money and growth; it is as much about people we work with and society in which we operate. We strive:

  • To be the most preferred logistics service provider for our customers
  • To be a socially conscious organization